Keukentafelles, de educatiemeter voor thuis
Jan. 2016 - Jun. 2016
Rotterdam is a multicultural city, but also a city where a certain group of parents have problems with the Dutch language. Not only language is a barrier to more involvement in educational growth, also the lack of time is. Families are confronted with various problems, but the level of education also influences needs and expectations. Parents and children together form "the future", therefore it is important that children and parents participate in the education system together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
"How can I involve parents of children in multicultural schools, in the educational growth and development of their child?"
Homework support at the kitchen table may sound a bit old fashioned, though It has been a fenomenon through multiple generations. Nevertheless it still occurs nowadays. Keukentafelles is an educational measuring instrument for at home, it's a web based system which is fulfilled in by teachers during or after class hours. Parents can monitor the learning process of their child at any time of the day. Parents will also understand the learning process better because they can follow it in their own language of choice. This allows parents to work with their child towards the report.

For my graduation project I researched three different schools and one of them, de Klimop, became my external partner. De Klimop is a public primary school in the North of Rotterdam, which offers children tailor-made education, but no an addaptive approach for parents themselves. I was given the opportunity to investigate the wishes of the parents and to translate this into a prototype.

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