Onderwijs Consumenten Organisatie (OCO)
Nov. 2017 - Dec. 2017
OCO is an educational organisation. They provide parents the information they need to make an informed choice for a school for their children. It’s an online platform where parents can ask questions and get answers about the state of affairs in school. This service must be accessible and approachable for all parents to increase the reach of parents and students in Amsterdam.

MV Service design investigated the needs and values of parents and students in various hard-to-reach neighborhoods in Amsterdam. I offered support during research skills related to cultural diversity, target group-oriented field research, service design methods and facilitating sessions. We spoke to students to discover how they make a choice for further education. We talked to mothers about the choice of a primary school and about parental involvement, at schoolyards. This empathic research gave OCO insight into important themes such as social pressure, diversity, ambition and status. The results were used to optimise their service.
"Everyone is an expert in the field of education"

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