Gemeente Rotterdam, Werk & Inkomen
Jan. 2017 - Feb. 2017
The municipality of Rotterdam worked together on a project base with the WdKA (Willem de Kooning Academy). This to improve the products and services from the council through a complete customer experience. During a service design course the council collaborated with a selection of alumni of the WdKA, lead by MV Service design. As an alumni I guided the participants of the council in the visualization of the final meeting.

The three cases that participate the course were the Social enterprise, W&I (Werk & Inkomen) and the Parking case. The case I guided was the W&I. They focused on the trust of the community in the system and the application process. Trust from the citizens in the council and vice versa. The approach within the service of the W&I was still very analog, what makes it even harder. In order to improve the service, the council has worked on a digital app that makes the service a lot simpler and more customer oriented. For the final meeting I helped them with their customer journey that served as a presentation of the application service.

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